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Surname Interests L


Albert County


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  • LAVERTY. Isaac Laverty (1817-1892) settled in Albert Co. in the 1840s with wife, Elizabeth BALDWIN (1821-1903).  He is listed in the 1851 census Parish of Harvey.  Fundy Park landmarks carry his name:  LAVERTY BROOK, LAVERTY TRAIL, LAVERTY LAKE and LAVERTY FALLS.  He moved to Point Wolfe and later to Westbrook ME where he is buried.


    Hannah Elizabeth 1840 m. John HUESTON;
    William 1842 m. Charlotte PULSIFER;
    Isaac 1849-1918 m. Lucinda WHITNEY;
    Samuel 1850;
    George 1853;
    James 1855 m. Deborah STRONG;
    Watson 1858-78;
    Alice 1860 m. Herbert STRONG.

    Family records mention that William, George and James were "lost at sea". Would anyone have information on a shipping accident (probably out of Pt. Wolfe c. 1870s - Deborah remarried 1879)? Have further information on the family.  Would be pleased to hear from anyone researching them. Dawn Laverty Matheson Stirling, Ontario (13/8/1999)

    "NEW UPDATE" JAN. 16, 2010


    George Laverty passed Local Marine Examinations at Saint John NB 9 Jun 1875 (Dan Johnson's Vital Statistics Vol 37 #849). The 1881 census of Cornwall UK lists him with the crew of the "Laura Ethel" at St. Austell, Cornwall.  George was married in Appledore, Devon, 18 May 1876 to Sarah Ellen Short.  They had two children:  William James b. 1878 and Ellen Viola b. 1880.  In 1885 Sarah died in childbirth and George went back to sea.  His ship sank off the south coast of England on 26 Dec 1886. 


    Excerpt from:
      "A Two Hundred Year History of Appledore Shipyards"  by Len Harris. (Grandson of George and Sarah Ellen Laverty). (Page 4)
    Hargill Partners, Rotapress-Printers, 1992, vi, 117p., 8 plates: ill
    ISBN: 0950991732 (pbk).  This listing from:  http://genuki.cs.ncl.ac.uk/DEV/Northam
    "Towards the end of the 1870s, a brigantine, The Forest Queen, was making regular trading visits to Appledore.  The captain of the ship was my maternal grandfather, George Laverty, an Irish-American Master Mariner in his early twenties.  During the mid-Victorian era, small ships were kept busy transporting cargoes of all kinds around Britain and to the rest of the world.  It was trade that kept the ships going in ever increasing circles and the shipping industry employed a large number of men who were often away at sea for weeks, months and sometimes for years on end."


    From page 10:
    "During the 1870s, when my grandfather, George Laverty, was trading at Appledore, Britain was in an economic depression. There were also other problems. Appledore's poor sanitation had incurred outbreaks of cholera during its history as well as cases of smallpox. Being a trading port, there was also another problem. It was something that my grandfather encountered on at least one occasion. This was the problem of ship's crew going AWOL - absent without official leave. On one particular occasion he went looking for his missing men. He found them in one of the local pubs. An argument broke out when he ordered his crew back to the ship. He was beaten up and thrown, unceremoniously, out of the pub and onto the street. As he was trying to get to his feet, Sarah Short came to his assistance. She took him back to her family home and took care of his injuries. A courtship ensued and in due course George and Sarah married. They had two children, William and Ellen, my mother. When William was seven years old and Ellen four, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl, Alice, who died soon after birth. Sarah died a week later following complications from childbirth. Ellen was sent to live with her mother's sister in Irsha Street who could 'only take one more'. William was sent to live with his father's family in America and George went back to sea. On December 26th 1886, he encountered a storm and heavy seas off Portland. A day or so later, washed up on the shore was the wreckage of his ship, 'The Forest Queen'. There were no survivors."


    From Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales) Thurs. 20 Jan 1887 ISSUE 5517


    All Hands Lost the Forest Queen was of 141 registered tonnages, and carried a crew of six.  She left Antwerp with a cargo of phosphate on the 20th of December, bound for Silloth, Cumberland.  On the 26th of the same month she was reported off St. Catherine's Point, Isle of Wight.  A fearful storm was raging, and the vessel struck on the rocks.  A few hours afterwards a plank was washed ashore at Swanage bearing the name "Forest Queen", and as other wreckage was picked up, a search of the rocks was made by the Coastguard men, with the result that the corpses of the six men forming the crew were found jammed in the rocks.  Although over three weeks have since elapsed, it was not until Tuesday that Captain Brooks received information from the Board of Trade of the loss of his vessel.   He believes that, with the exception of the master (Captain Laverty, of Appledore), the crew were strangers to him, in as much as they were only shipped just prior to the vessel leaving Antwerp."


    "NEW POSTING" APRIL 24, 2009


    Looking for information on my father's family.
    Name: James Lavin (my father's grandfather)
    Came to Albert County in 1854 from Liverpool, England.
    Had 4 children: James, Margaret, Patrick and Jerome. Have no other 
    info on Margaret, Patrick or Jerome.
    Son James C. ended up in west Saint John and worked for CPR until he 
    died in 1931.

    Thanks for your help. gapple@nb.sympatico.ca New posting April 24, 2009

    Hope Lavin-MacDougall


    LEAMAN. I'm looking for any information on the children of 3 families -- Robert Leaman (b.abt.1782 NB) & Rachel Wilson (b.abt.1791 NB) married 10 Nov.1810 Hillsboro NB. James Leaman & Jane Briggs married 29 Jan.1807 Hillsboro NB. Thomas Leaman (b.abt.1795) & Ruth Ricker (b.abt.1801) married 10 June 1819 Hillsboro NB. Please contact me Dan Leaman (28/7/1998)

    LEAMAN. Looking for decendents of William Leaman and Susanna Hopper m. 1818. Known children: John, Robert, Dorothy, Jane and possibly William  Bob Sweet

    LEEMAN Ann married JONAH, Ephraim, date unknown, both listed in son's BMD certificates as born in Coverdale, NB.  One known son, Enoch, born in Moncton in 1838.  The JONAHs were at Lunenburg until at least 1767.  I have no information on LEEMAN at all (which is primarily what this email is addressing), and a "hole" for JONAHs between 1767 and 1838.  Any help/direction would be appreciated. Cynthia Fuller (20/11/2000)

    LEWIS. Looking for family of Edmund Lewis who married Amelia Jane Kinne, 8 July 1837, at Hopewell.
    William T.,
    Matilda J.,
    James W.,
    Guildford M.,
    Anna L. 
    What happened to Chipman, Matilda, Willard, and Guildford?
    Was Amelia Jane Kinne the mother of Chipman or was Edmund married first to Mary Jane Elliott?  
    Looking for some of the children of Lemuel Lewis and Lois Lyman.
    What happened to William E., Alfred K., and Whitney T.?   
    Are there any records available of those who sailed to the US (Lubec, Eastport)?
    Anna L., youngest daughter of Edmund and Amelia, ended up in Trescott, ME and married  Clarence Dinsmore. Two of Lemuel's sons, Oscar and Corrie, ended up in Whiting, ME. They must have come by ship. Lemuel came in 1888 and I think after his wife, Lois, died and left the two little  boys. The boys came first - Corrie (b. 1882) in 1887 and Oscar (b. 1877), around the same time. I need a death date for Lois and how did she die? Maybe in childbirth ca. 1883 after the birth of Corrie?   Thank you. MJ McArthur (6/9/1999) mjmcarthur@aol.com (after Oct. 1/99)

    LEWIS. Lewis, Walter b. March 24, 1875 N.B. (son of George B Lewis & Phoebe McAlmon) married to Green, Sara b. June 17, 1878 P.E.I. (daughter of William H Green & Jane Bynon). Walter and Sara were married on May 23, 1898 in Westmorland County. My husband remembers that his father grew up in Middlesex and believes that his grandparents are buried somewhere in the area.

    Walter and Sara had the following children:

    Walter, Helen, Carolyn, Lloyd, Robert, Emery, Harry, Harold, George, Eldric, Beatrice, Nelly, Julia

    This is my husband's family. His father, Walter, died before i got interested in genealogy. Walter was the youngest of the 13 children.

    I would appreciate any contacts on this family. Any tidbit of information to take me another step further.

    Kindest regards,  Helena Lewis mhlewis@mb.sympatico.ca (29/05/03)

    LIVINGSTON:  I am looking for information on William Alexander Livingston born I believe Jan. 9, 1839 in Albert Co., in New Brusnwick, Canada. He was married to Barbara Ann Nichol. They lived in Truro, Nova Scotia after they were married. Ellen Bertha,born Nov. 9, 1880,  Jean Saunders, Maude Nichol, and Eliza were their daughters. He was married before and was widowed. Had two children by his first marriage...Fleetwood and Louisa.
    I believe his parents are Robert Livingston (or Levingston) and Elizabeth (McFarland) who supposedly came from Ireland. Her parents were Robert Nichol and Elizabeth (Lynds). Robert Nichol was from Ireland and Elizabeth Lynds was from Scotland. Near as I can tell Robert Livingston may have come from Ireland in 1833 on the Neptune but the spelling of the name has me wondering if this is the person I am looking for. Any info on any of this lines would be very helpful.
    My e-mail address is mybest4him@hotmail.com and my name is Marilyn "Lynn" Self

    LUTZ. Rose Anna Steeves b Apr 24, 1851, Married Thomas A. Wheaton Mar 20, 1870, died Mar 3, 1914. Thomas was born Oct. 21, 1848 and died Apr 4, 1929. His mother was Elizabeth Lutz from Lutes Mountain. Looking for ancestors of either Rosa Anna Steeves or Elizabeth Lutz. Any help will be most appreciated. Joyce Landean (Posted: 26/10/1998; confirmed 24/7/2000)


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