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Albert County,New Brunswick
Some History

Germantown Baptist Church
Submitted by Dawn Kinnie
Germantown Cemetery Memorial Stone Dedication
Submitted by: Dawn Kinnie

The 2010 Annual Meeting On August 28th 2010
The Memorial Stone was dedicated to the Germantown Cemetery

in Picture above left to right

By: Jim West, Danny Porter and LIC. Leonard Geldart


   New Monument listing all found to be buried there was dedicated and unveiled at the annual meeting. Jim West organized a group, ten years ago, to restore the cemetery, and many are responsible for the way it looks today. The new monument was paid for by a few members of the Germantown Baptist Cemetery Trust. 

Submitted on Sept. 10th 2010




In 2000, interested descendants formed the Germantown Baptist Cemetery Trust. They appointed

a President and Secretary-Treasurer as well as a 12-member Board of Directors. 


This group hold their annual meetings every August at the site of the old graveyard which, for more than seventy years, had been left unattended.  Local volunteers, under the leadership of a Project Manager, donated their machinery and labor to clear the land of much overgrowth.  Their accomplishments are impressive!  


Some old stones were found, and repairs were made to them and many other damaged headstones.

The "Trust" applied for and received "tax exempt" status as a registered charity from Revenue Canada.   Our mailing list of some 60 supporters (descendants and friends) in both Canada and the United States receive a notice of the Annual Meeting and minutes thereof.  Additional members are always welcome!   


you may contact Dawn Kinnie.... phone :  506-386-3919....or email mailto:dawnki@rogers.com


 We are also looking for information from anyone who may have had an ancestor buried in this cemetery. See link below.


Germantown Cemetery

RR 114

Albert County, N.B.


This cemetery was previously transcribed and can be found online at the following "New" Albert County Cemeteries (Helena Lewis) and all the cemeteries in Albert County


And a spacial thank you to Helena Lewis for allowing us to use her information and pictures on the Germantown Cemetery on our site.               

germantown00.jpg (96220 bytes) germantown01.jpg (132963 bytes) germantown05.jpg (140591 bytes)




germantown07.jpg (173340 bytes)


Soloman Pearson 1808 - 1892

Isaac L Milton 1852 - 1920

Walter D 1885 - 1921

M Helena 1894 - 1898



germantown08.jpg (146915 bytes)

Margaret wife of

James McGorman

Died May 18, 1892

aged 71 years


James McGorman

Died May 2, 1892

aged 74 years


germantown09.jpg (141570 bytes)


In Memory of

Mary daughter of

James & Margaret Meyorman

Died February 15, 1851

aged 15 months

germantown10.jpg (141692 bytes)

M Elizabeth

daughter of J & M McGorman

died Dec 22, 1861

aged 7 years & 8 m


died Feb 5, 1861

aged 6 mo

germantown11.jpg (140216 bytes)


Julia A wife of


died Feb 28, 1889

aged 37 years


foot stone



germantown12.jpg (153097 bytes)


John E Fullerton

died August 28, 1904

aged 61 years



germantown13.jpg (123555 bytes)

In Memory of

Ruth daughter of

Solomon & U Pearson

who died 12 June 1858

in the 22nd year of her age


germantown14.jpg (162955 bytes)


In Memory of

Eujene son of

Thomas & Eunice? McLoskey

who died ?? 28, 1852

age 3 months

germantown15.jpg (197813 bytes)



germantown16.jpg (166813 bytes)



John McCloskey

1833 - 1901

Eliza A his wife

1829 - 1875


germantown17.jpg (130714 bytes)

In Memory of


died Jan 6, 1888 aged 77 years

Martha his wife

died Oct 5, 1885 aged 80 years


foot stone




germantown18.jpg (129709 bytes)


In Memory of

Catherine wife of

[Hueston]? MGee

died Jan ? 1889

germantown19.jpg (131134 bytes)


Joseph Fullerton

died ?? 24, 1897

aged 61 years


foot stone


germantown20.jpg (127092 bytes)



germantown21.jpg (146949 bytes)


In Memory of

Maria daughter of

John & Eliza J Fullerton

who died May 1, 1854

aged 2 yrs & 9 mos


germantown22.jpg (147489 bytes)

Arthur L son of

Huldah & U E Fullerton

died March 26, 1899

aged 10 years



germantown23.jpg (188229 bytes)

Robert Fullerton 1855 - 1917

Addie E wife of

Robert Fullerton 1865 - 1895


Etta M 1883 - 1901

J Arthur 1894 - 1895


germantown24.jpg (188393 bytes)



at bottom of stone

aged 44 years

germantown25.jpg (155074 bytes)


James K Paisley


his wife

Agnes Murray

1866 - 1934

germantown26.jpg (117150 bytes)


George Berryman 1835 - 1910

Letitia Berryman 1832 - 1876


foot stone



germantown27.jpg (154600 bytes)

Uriah E Fullerton

died Oct 10, 1904

aged 51 years



germantown28.jpg (172218 bytes)

Samuel C son of

Agreen & H Tingley

died Dec ??



germantown29.jpg (132712 bytes)

In Memory of

Ruth L daughter of

?  J Fillmore

died ??

in the 18 year of her age


foot stone



germantown30.jpg (127698 bytes)


In Memory of

William Fillmore

died May 31, 188?

aged 85 years

Esther his wife died

Jan 19, 1880

aged 84 years

germantown31.jpg (181475 bytes)


Broken stone



germantown32.jpg (168496 bytes)

Affa daughter of

S & M Wilhand

died March 8, 1861

age 1 year



germantown33.jpg (149302 bytes)

William Kennie

died July 9, 1882

aged 60 years


foot stone



germantown34.jpg (140832 bytes)


Willard J son of

Thomas W & Rachel Kinne

died Sept 15, 1864

aged 5 years & 6 mos & 19 days

germantown35.jpg (134306 bytes)

?--- ime

?--- 1869

?--- 2 year

J--- ? --- Kinne

?--- 76

germantown36.jpg (178755 bytes)


Here lies

Alexander McAllister

1869 - 1942



germantown00a.jpg (92956 bytes)


germantown02.jpg (125373 bytes) germantown04.jpg (103803 bytes)

A list of stones

BERRYMAN, George & wife Letitia - FILLMORE, William & wife Esther - FULLERTON, John E - FULLERTON, Uriah - FULLERTON, Robert & wife Addie - FULLERTON, Etta - FULLERTON, J. Arthur - FULLERTON, Arthur L. - FULLERTON, Elitia -FULLERTON, Alexander & wife Martha - FULLERTON, Joseph - KENNIE, William - KINNE, Willard - KINNE, James & wife Narcissa - McCLOSKEY, John & wife Eliza A. - McCLOSKEY, Eugene - McGEE, Catherine (wife of Hewson) - McGORMAN, James & wife Margaret - McGORMAN, Elizabeth -McGORMAN, Alice - McGORMAN, Mary - McGORMAN, Julia- MILTON, Solomon Pearson - MILTON, Isaac L. - MILTON, Walter D. - MILTON, M. Helena - MURRAY, Agnes (wife of James Paisley) - PEARSON, Ruth - WILBAND Affa .. daughter of S & M Wilband

Through death certificates on microfilm and data found in records kept by funeral homes, we are led to "believe" the following people were buried here but stones have not been found ....

BERRYMAN, Esther (Woodworth) d 1922 - CLARK, Alexander ... d 1926 - FULLERTON, Alexander....d 1926 - FULLERTON, Eliza J....d 1886 - FULLERTON, John .....d 1902 - FULLERTON, Jane ....d - FILLMORE, Ruth L ... d 1873 - McALLISTER, Alexander ...d 1942 - MILTON, John ... d 1926 - TINGLEY, Clementine ..d 1894


List of Stones were documented by:

Dawn And Pierce Kinnie and Bill White

If you have any information on our ancestors at this cemetery please email Sheila Hannah @

Income tax receipts are available for monetary donations.  Feel free to contact Dawn Kinnie Secretary-Treasurer dawnki@rogers.com

Germantown Baptist Cemetery Trust  

President: Don Porter

Descendants and interested friends are most welcome to visit or participate!

Feel free to contact Dawn Kinnie, Secretary – Treasurer mailto:dawnki@rogers.com 

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