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Osborne Corner
Albert County NB

Homestead of Moses Osborne Sr
Submitted by: Frank Osborne 3rd

above picture
Moses "Mosie" Osborne Sr. Homestead
summer kitchen on the left side of the house.
Moses was the founder of Osborne Corner in 1823.
Moses P Osborne was born 1793 died 1874 in Hillsborough Albert County NB he married Sarah Kinnie born 1805 New Brunswick Died in Hillsborough AC NB. They had nine children: Mary Osborne born 1827 died 1906 - Olive Osborne born 03 Jun. 1828 died 1904 - WIlliam Osborne born 1833 in Hillsborough AC. died 1906 - John Osborne born abt 1833 died 17 Jul 1895 in Hillsborough AC. - Martha Osborne born 08 Jan 1838 - Moses Osborne Jr. born 01 Jul 1839 in Hillsborough AC. died 02 Apr 1996 in Hillsborough AC. - Samuel Osborne born 02 Oct 1841 died 10 Mar 1902 - Daniel Osborne b 1845 died Mar 1876 - Nathan Osborne born 1848 died Mar 1876

Barns on the Homestead of Moses Osborne Sr.
Submitted by: Frank Osborne 3rd

Frank Osborne WW I
Submitted By: Frank Osborne 3rd.
Frank Osborne Sr. WW I
The picture was taken in Albert County NB just before he sailed for France in WW I; aboard the SS Olympic; (which was the sister ship to the SS Titanic which hit an iceberg with much loss of life). He served 23 months with the 1st Canadian Vet Hospital. He was a blacksmith and horse shoe finisher; so he serviced all the ambulance and transport mules as well as the army horses for the troops; because this was before they acquired motor vehicles.

Frank Osborne Sr. 1894-1950
Submitted By: Frank Osborne 3rd.

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Fanny Osborne Children
Submitted By: Frank Osborne 3rd
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Annie Osborne married John Kay
Submitted by: Frank Osborne 3rd
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Harry Osborne
Submitted by: Frank Osbonre 3rd.
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Katherine (Kate) Olive Osborne
Submitted by: Sheila Hannah found in Richard Herny Butland family photos
Katherine (Kate) Olive Osborne
born 1869 in Osborne Corner NB
Died 01 Apr 1898
daughter of
Moses Osborne Jr. & Elizabeth Louisa Milton
Moses Osborne Jr born 01 Jul 1839 in Hillsborough A.C, NB
Died 02 Apr 1906 in Hillsborough
Elizabeth L Milton born 1842 In Hillsborough A.C. NB
died 10 Feb. 1934 in West River, NB.
Katherine married Richard Henry (Dick) Butland
married 02 Jul 1890 in Alma, Albert C. NB
children of Katherine & Richard
Etta Lavina Butland B 17 Apr 1891 in Alma AC
died 1949 in Sussex NB
Ethel Mae (May) Butland B 26 Aug 1893
died 10 Sep 1915 in Germantown AC
Martha Louise Butland B 09 Apr 1895 in Hastings AC
Died 30 Jan 1986 in Danvers, Mass USA
Kailene (Kitt) Butland B 02 Mar 1897 Died 15 Aug 1898?

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Infomation & photos was submitted by: Frank Osborne 3rd  

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