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   A special thank you to, “The Albert County Chronicle” news paper for allowing me to post their photos and information of our ancestors of the past on Our Ancestors of Albert County.  

   Listed below is information on the Albert County Chronicle. It you have a photo and a story to share with us please feel free to contact me at Our Ancestors of Albert County  

John Simpson Fullerton & Martha Matilda Fillmore
from the Chronicle

John Simpson Fullerton - Born July 3, 1841 - Died Aug 10, 1904
Martha Matilda Fillmore - Born Oct. 11, 1841 - Died Aug. 14, 1913
John S. Fullerton was born in Albert County and married Martha Fillmore of Albert County.  They were married in Harvey, A.C., 3 July 1866.  Their children are: George, Elijah, Woodbury, Leander, Frank, Allen and Iva.  John's parents came to Canada from Tyron County, N. Ireland in 1831. John claimed to be a descendant of the Fullertons from Arran.
Other Descendants of John S Fullerton and Martha M Fillmore

Hopewell Cape - 1937
from the Chronicle

Hopewell Cape - 1937
Prior to World War II this was a popular Albert County recreation area.
Notice the Sail Boats.

Clifford E. Geldart & Josie V. Marks engagement
Clifford Geldart & Josie Marks
from Geldart family photo album

Josephine Verna Marks
Josephine (Josie) Verna Marks
From Sheila Hannah Family Photo's
Josephine Verna Marks
Born Sep. 09, 1899
Died Jun. 17, 1990
born in West River NB.
Daughter of
Alfred Ezra Marks and Jennie Hayes,
she married
Clifford Eldon Geldart
they had 9 children
Peter Gildart (Geldart) and Sarah Jane Lounsbury
Peter Gildart Geldart & Sarah Jane Lounsbury.jpg
Photo from: Sheila M. (Geldart) Hannah

Peter Gildart (Geldart) - Born Sept.15,

1809 -Died Jul. 5, 1892

Sarah Jane (Emily) Lounsbury

Born Jun. 26, 1810 

Died Feb. 7, 1895

Peter Gildart (Geldart) was born in Elgin,

Albert County

and married

Sarah Jane (Emily) Lounsbury Lewis

Mt. Westmoreland of Albert County.

They were married in Salisbury,

Parish, Westmoreland, NB., 8, Mar. 1831. 

Their children are:

James, Elizabeth Catherine, William Lewis

died at the age of 2, Grace Ann,

Eleidah Matilda, William Edmund,

Sarah Jane, Peter Miles, Benjamin Harris,

Demetta Rosanna, John Melvin, 

Michael Harris and Mary Jane.

Peter Gildart (Geldart) is the son of

John (Elgin) Geldart Jr.


Elizabeth Mary Lutz (Lutes



James Carnwath
james Carnwath .jpg
Submitted by: Betty (Crocker) Lumsden

Rose Eliza (Kyle) Carnwath
Submitted by: Betty (Crocker) Lumsden

(of Strabane, Ireland)
born December 23, 1823
  died March 2, 1885
(Riverside, NB)
      Rose Eliza KYLE       
(of Omagh, Ireland)
September 2, 1854
 born December 17, 1834
     died September 19, 1901  
      James and Rose Eliza
are buried in
Hopewell Hill Cemetery.
They had 13 children
Martha Jane, Nancy Wray,
Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie),
William John (Jack),
Margaret Lavinia, Adelaide Rebecca,
Charles Hamilton, Natalia Bernice,
Julia Irene, Josephine Lucinda,
James Ensley Murray (Dr)
Joseph Henry. 

Clifford Eldon Geldart
Clifford Eldon Geldat
Photo from: Sheila Hannah Family Photo's
Clifford Eldon Geldart
Born July 4, 1898
in Flint Hill, Albert County, NB.
Died Nov 19, 1961 in Stewiacke, NS
son of
William Guy Geldart
Fannie Louise Oulton
He Married Josephine V. Marks
on Jun 4, 1919 in Albert County, NB.
They had 9 children
LeRoy Lyle Geldart
LeRoy Llye Geldart
Photo from Sheila Hannah Family Photo
LeRoy Lyle Geldart
Born Jul 11, 1950
in Riverside, Albert County, NB
Died Feb 19, 1983 in Oshawa, On. 
married & had 2 children
son of
Clifford Lyle Geldart
Pearl Evelyn Butland

Clifford Lyle Geldart
from Geldart family photo album

Clifford Lyle Geldart
Born Dec. 9,1924
West River, Albert County, NB
Died June 20, 1988
Oshawa, Ontario
June 25, 1947
in the home of
Annie & Stanley Butland
Germantown, Albert County, NB
Pearl Evelyn Butland
Born Dec 2, 1929
They had 6 children
Clifford Lyle Geldart
son of
Clifford Eldon Geldart & Josephine V. Marks

William Henry Milton & Amma F. Martin
william henry milton & amma f. martin.jpg
from the Chronicle
William Henry Milton
born Feb. 28, 1838 
Demoiselle Creek, Albert County
Died April 11, 1912
Sept. 9, 1860
Amma F. Martin
Born Sept. 8, 1843
Demoiselle Creek, Albert County
Died Oct. 6, 1925
their children are:
Suzanna, Leonard, Lexora,
Beatty, Jane, Theresa, Joseph,
Whitman, Emily, King,
Lorenzo, George & Clark
William is a descendant of Henry Milton
Gypsum Mine 1907
Submitted by: Chronicle
L-R FrontGypsum Mine Workers with Equipment 1907
L-R Row: Workmen in front of the "Connie" steam engine that hauled the Gypsum ore cars.
Men from left to right: Simon Goutreau, Ben Auffrey, Allen A. Steeves, Edgar Goutreau, Adelard Goutreau, Andree Goutreau, Herb Taylor,
the rest are unknown.
Harvey - 1875
Submitted by: Chronicle

Harvey - 1875
August 1875 Harvey, New Brunswick, Canada The Revolving Light while
under construction at the Turner Shipyards in Harvey in 1875.
The ship was the first square rigged all masts built at Harvey. The ship
weighed 1248 tons and was named for Cape Spencer Light, Saint John

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Loss of a Great Man
David G. Singer

    A great man, an amazing friend, and caring individual.  I knew David for only six short years.  I met him looking for a Job in my field of Graphic Design, which he was in need of for this paper. He saw my talents right away and hired me on the spot. Working with David was sometimes frustrating, but always enjoyable. His personality could be felt and especially heard long before you came face to face with him. Always announcing his arrival or letting people know who they were talking to on the phone before they finished saying “Hi”.
    Four and a half years later, David was preparing to involve himself further into the Luxor Shriners, to help them, help kids. Thinking he would not be able to put the time into this paper that he felt it deserved, he was kind enough to offer it to me.  After negotiations he sold it to me. I valued the focus of the paper he built and plan to always keep that focus.  Since then he was always there to help me, every step of the way to continue to build the paper.  I will miss David, he was a good friend.
- Nicholas Vardy - Publisher

    David G. Singer 69, of Riverview, with his family at his side, passed away peacefully at The Moncton Hospital on Wednesday, April 8, 2009. Born in Manchester, England, he was the son of Edith (Gammage) Singer of Riverview and the late Frank Singer. David was the former owner and publisher of the Riverview County Chronicle and a former employee of Thompson Newspapers. David was a member of Howard Lodge #15 F & AM, Hillsborough, member and past Chief Rabban of Luxor Shrine Temple, Saint John, member and past president of the Moncton Shrine Club, member of York Rite and Scottish Rite, past president of the Luxor Shrine Oriental Band and past president of the Riverview Boys & Girls Club. David’s favorite hobbies included supporting the Shriners and enjoying time in his backyard watching his Koi fish.
    Besides his mother, Edith, David will be sadly missed by his wife of 22 years, Ilana (Sarbit) Singer; brother-in-law, Jay Sarbit (Gayl), Kelowna, BC; several nieces, nephews, cousins and his many friends.
    The Funeral service was held at Tiferes Israel Synagogue, Moncton, Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 11:30 am. and now lays in  Tiferes Israel Cemetery, Dieppe.
    No flowers by personal request. In David’s memory, donations to the Moncton Shrine Club Transportation Fund or NB Heart & Stroke Foundation would be appreciated.
 July 30, 2009
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