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Cemeteries Of Albert County
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Albert County
New Brunswick Canada



  • Albert, Keiver
  • Albert, Pioneer
  • Albert Mines, Baptist
  • Albert Mines. St. Aloysius
  • Alma, Baptist
  • Alma, United
  • Baltimore
  • Beaman Road, Wilson
  • "New Update" Germantown Cemetery (Beaverbrook is the wrong name), Located behind The Old Germantown Baptist Church north side on Route114 
  • Berryton
  • Caledonia Mountain
  • Church Hill
  • Church's Corner
  • Cleveland Brook
  • Colpitts Pioneer #1
  • Colpitts Pioneer #2
  • Colpitts Settlement
  • Colpitts Settlement, Davis Rd.
  • Coverdale United Church
  • Coverdale Wesleyan Union
  • Curryville
  • Daniels
  • Dawson Settlement Church
  • Dawson Settlement, Jonah
  • Derry Corner, Stevens
  • Edgett's Landing, Beaumont
  • Edgett's Landing, Greenhill
  • Edgett's Landing, Jones
  • Edgett's Landing, Riverview
  • Elgin Baptist, New
  • Elgin Baptist, Old
  • Elgin Corner
  • Five Points Baptist Church
  • Garland Mountain
  • "NEW UNDATE" Berryman Cemetery: (Germantown is the wrong name for cemetery #35 that was stated in the cemetery book) Berryman Burial Ground is located in the woods on the south side of Route 114 in Germantown which is now the land of the "Ducks Unlimited". It is impossible to find this land without local help which is now occupied by Carvel Sheffer.
    It has been stated that over 100 burials have taken place here. The Berryman family owned this land from 1820's to 1954.
    I hope to find anyone that could help me in finding all of my ancestors that are buried here. Sheila Hannah
  • Goshen
  • Goshen Catholic
  • Gowland Mountain
  • Gray's Island
  • Harrison Mountain
  • Harvey Corner
  • Hillsborough Anglican
  • Hillsborough Baptist
  • Hillsborough, Steeves
  • Hillside Baptist Church
  • Hopewell Hill, Catholic
  • Hopewell Hill, Protestant
  • Hopewell Rocks, Dickson
  • Kaye Road, Bannister
  • Little River, Wilson
  • Lower Cape, Mountain View
  • Lower Coverdale, Wilmot Mem.
  • Mary's Point, Bayview
  • Middlesex
  • Mollins Road
  • Mountville, Hayward
  • New Horton
  • New Horton, Behind the school
  • New Horton, Ha Ha "NEW" added May 6, 2009
  • New Ireland, Anglican
  • New Ireland, Catholic
  • Nixon, Douthwright
  • Nixon, Settlement
  • Parkindale
  • Pleasant Vale
  • Pleasant Vale, Colpitts
  • Point Wolfe
  • Prosser Brook
  • Prosser Family
  • Riverside, Catholic
  • Riverside, Peck
  • Rosevale, Stevens
  • Salem
  • Salem, Between the Bridges
  • Salem, Steves
  • Salem, Top of the Hill
  • Salisbury, Back Road
  • Shenstone
  • Shepody
  • Steevescote, Murdock's
  • Stoney Creek
  • Synton
  • Tingleytown
  • Turtle Creek
  • Waterside, Akerley
  • Waterside Baptist Church
  • Waterside, Copp
  • Upper Goshen
  • Alma, Martin
  • Riverview, Alderwood
  • Berrton, Fillamore

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