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Albert County, New Brunswick


Looking for New Volunteers for lookups to help assist others in their research please contact: Sheila Hannah mailto:sheilahannah@msn.com

Lookups Available

waiting for updates

The following people have volunteered to do brief lookups in the resources named. Please contact them at their E-Mail address and kindly keep your requests to a reasonable level. These people have offered to make this service available to you at no charge. In other words, be nice to them.

If you would like to volunteer to provide this kind of assistance to researchers, please email me the details including the name of the book or material, the author, and any other relevant information.

Although I regularly test my hyperlinks, I may miss some. As a special favour to me and other readers, would you please notify me of any broken links on these pages.

Offers of lookups or assistance:...

  • The Steeves Descendants by Esther Clark Wright. This Steeves book (written in the 1960s) contains about 45,000 names. Some of the more common names, other than Steeves, are Dawson, Lutes (Lutz), Trites (Tritz), MacFarlane, Colpitts, Horsman, etc. email: unknown

  • 1851 Westmorland Co. Census by V. Bing Geldart and Ken Kanner. email: unknown  

  • Albert County Cemeteries by David Christopher (1991). email:  mailto:sheilahannah@msn.com "NEWLY UPDATED" (PS not updated book just email) June 22, 2009

    Cemeteries of Albert County, New Brunswick
    - by David Christopher ISBN 0-9695341-0-8
    (A field guide to the cemeteries of Albert County and the vital statistics contained in these cemeteries.
    It is currently out of print but I will be glad to do free lookups davidchristopher@rogers.com  
    Thank you
    David F. Christopher, 160 Sussex Avenue, Riverview, NB, Canada E1B 3A7.) 

  • Westmorland County Marriage Records 1790-1856 by V. Bing Geldart and Ken Kanner. email: 

  • Woodworth Family of America by Janette Behan email:   

  • Albert County Marriage Records 1846-1887 by V. Bing Geldart and Ken Kanner. email:  

  • Good Green Hope (The Irish Catholic Settlers of Albert County) by Heather Long (1995). email:  

  • Loyalists of New Brunswick by Esther Clark Wright (Fifth Printing,1985).email:  

  • Funeral Records Albert Co. 1919-1945. I have the funeral records kept by my father and grand-father when they operated the funeral business in Petitcodiac from 1919 to 1945. There are many burial records extant for the northern half of Albert County. I am in the process of entering all of the data in my computer, but in the meantime, if there is any surname you may be interested in, let me know. email:  Bob Dunfield

  • William Sharp and Mary Smith. (descendents of) email:   

  • Enoch Dow and Ruth Norton. (descendents of) email:  

  • Cummings. Ancestors of my father (Cummings). email:  

  • Sharpe. Ancestors of my mother (Sharpe). email:  

  • Canterbury [Carleton Co.] census from 1851 to 1901.  email:  

  • Northampton [Carleton Co.] census from 1861 to 1901. email: 

  • Gouldrup. Karen has offered to help researchers of the Gouldrup family and the Steadman family. email:   

  • Descendants of three brothers (Obediah, James and Oliver) AKERLEY. email:

  • Parkin Family by Leon Parkin Steeves. I would be willing to do lookups.  I am currently working on Family History of McIninch, McNinch, McNintch families of New Brunswick and Maine.  I published a family history John Nugent and His Descendents of NewBrunswick. email:  

  • I am willing to do brief lookups in these resources that I own:
    The New Brunswick Census of 1851 Albert County. Robert F. Fellows, Editor, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, 1980.
    1851 Census Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Volumes I and II, Wayne A. Gillcash, editor, Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, 1981.
    Jane M. Fraser, Pueblo, Colorado

  • "NEW UPDATE" March 26/09, "Missing Links". now can be found at  Roots of The Past FREE queries published in weekly, genealogy column in newspapers in Atlantic Canada. New INFO can be found on on my "genealogy research link" page.


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