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Albert County, New Brunswick

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The following books may be of interest to Albert County researchers:

  • A History of Salisbury 1774-1984 by George Taylor 1984. This book is available in the New Brunswick Public Library system.

  • Cemeteries of Albert County, New Brunswick - by David Christopher ISBN 0-9695341-0-8 (A field guide to the cemeteries of Albert County and the vital statistics contained in these cemeteries.
    It is currently out of print but I will be glad to do free lookups daivdchristopher@rogers.com  
    Thank you
    David F. Christopher, 160 Sussex Avenue, Riverview, NB, Canada E1B 3A7.) 
  • Early Families Revisited 1993 - Southeastern Branch NB Gen. Society (dated 2 Aug 1993; a compilation by Ken Kanner, 108 Candlewood Dr., R.R. #7, Moncton, NB, E1C 8Z4. This is a gathering of family group sheets submitted by members of the Southeastern Branch of the NB Genealogical Society.) This book is available at the NB Provincial Archives.
  • Elmwood Cemetery Records This is a large Moncton cemetery. This book is available at the NB Provincial Archives.
  • Good Green Hope - The Irish Catholic Settlers of Albert Co., New Brunswick ...by Heather Long 1995. This book is available to researchers at the Provincial Archives of NB. Its classification number is PANB MC80/2014. Heather Long's mailing address is: 1777 Cambridge Street. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada. B3H 4A8
  • New Brunswick Vital Statistics from Newspapers ...by Dan Johnson Serial publication for birth, marriage and death notices for the years from 1784 to the 1880's. Available from Dan Johnson, PO Box 26025, Saint John, NB, E2J 4M3. These books are available at the NB Provincial Archives.
  • Ye Wilbores All ... by M. Verne MacDonald & Maxwell M. MacDonald A History of the New Brunswick Wilburs and a Wilbur Genealogy 1482-2002. (This is an extremely thorough book. Well researched and exhaustive. Two thumbs up!: webmaster) Contact:, Verne MacDonald, 130 Cherrylawn Dr. Moncton, NB  E1G 2L4  tel: 506-855-0848 email: verne@nbnet.nv.ca NEW UPDATE Miramichi Books: You might also want to check out http://www.abebooks.com/home/MIRAMICHIBOOKS/ for a comprehensive listing of books written about New Brunswick and offered for sale at this site.
  • Sensible Census Series: 1891 and 1901 Albert County, New Brunswick  Now available

    a) Alphabetically organized b) Standardized spellings with notes and for easy search c) Compact and easily used as a genealogy resource d) Includes the spouse maiden name and the wife of widowers e) Simplified Cirlox binding to open flat as you work. f) Ideal for the serious genealogist. Price CAN $22.00 each  Contact: Max MacDonald, 130 Cherrylawn Dr. Moncton,

    NB  E1G 2L4  tel: 506-855-0848 email: verne@nbnet.nv.ca NEW UPDATE


The following are newspapers which may be of interest to Albert County researchers. These newspapers have been microfilmed and can be found at the Provincial Archives.

  • L'Evangeline 1887-1910
  • L'Evangeline 1973-present
  • Le Moniteur Acadien 1867-1926
  • Maple Leaf 1880-1901
  • Moncton Times 1877-1981
  • Moncton Transcript 1882-1982
  • Moncton Weekly Transcript 1882-1888
  • Royal Gazette 1785-1987
  • Royal Gazette, Index 1785-1865 (films F983, F984)
  • Sackville Tribune 1902-1958
  • Rural Report 1982-1990
  • Times Transcript 1985-present
  • Tribune Post 1959-1972
  • Tribune 1905-1934


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