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Surname Interests B


Albert County


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    BABCOCK. Line of Babcocks .. from David b. 1586 in England to Jonathan Sr. who was NS Planter 1760 from Rhode Island. In turn, s/o Jonathan Sr. ..... Amos, Jonathan Jr., Frederick ** TO ALBERT COUNTY ** Jonathan Jr. in 1785 / Frederick in 1790 / Amos in 1791-92/

    Jonathan Jr. returned to NS 1807 .... Frederick ...land grant on Pollett River, Salisbury Parish, 1796.. Amos to Shediac Parish 1803.. After Family Tragedy and Amos' death, his wife Dorcas and 9 children returned to Albert Co.  Contact Heather  mailto:chg@nbnet.nb.ca Website: http://www.genealogy.com/users/c/h/e/Heather-Chevalier/ Updated March 22/09

    "New" Listed March 27/09

    Balser/Balsor/Baltver: William Alden Balser b. 1811 Wilmot, Annapolis Co., NS, migrated to Lower Coverdale area of Albert Co., NB, m.1834 to Margaret Crossman, raised his family and died in 1894.  He has many descendants in the Albert Co. and Westmoreland Co. areas.  I have researched this family and have information on his ancestors and descendants and am willing to share the information with anyone interested in the name.
    Contact: Charlotte Nichols Vardy  mailto:charlottevardy@aol.com Added March 27/09
    (my mother was a BALTZER related to this same family but another branch in Nova Scotia)


    Barchard, if you are looking for information on the following family, my great grandmother was a Barchard from Elgin, Albert County. NB and I have a fair amount on them.
    Please contact: Gary Evans  March 22/09

    My ancestor was William Beaman who was born about 1807 in either the states or in Canada (both places have been listed on different census records). He Died in 1880 in New Brunswick. He Married Bathsheba Brennan in 1832 an after her death in 1836 he married Jane Blakeney (Bleakney). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again,
    Susan Lepine
    sue_lepine@yahoo.ca added Oct. 11, 2009


    BENNETT  Line of  Bennetts ... from John b. 1512 England to Caleb Bennett  Sr. , Planter from Connecticut to N.S. ..... In turn , his son, Caleb Bennett Jr. to Albert County ; and his daughter Dorcas (Bennett) Babcock to Albert County.  Contact Heather mailto:chg@nbnet.nb.ca Website:  http://www.genealogy.com/users/c/h/e/Heather-Chevalier/ Added March 22/09



    BERRY I am seeking information on Jane Berry, b. abt. 1843, married to David. Crossman, b. abt 1845, both of Coverdale Parish, Albert Co. Their children include: Merritt, Milledge, James, Albert, Walter, Freeman,Wilfred, Effie, and Earley. I'm seeking information on Jane's date of birth, death and marriage. Also looking for information on her parents,Matthias Berry and Delilah Ricker.

     Thanks Cindy Jensen

    My email is: jens007@attglobal.net


    BERRY. Researching ancestors and descendants of Thomas Berry and Rebecah Ricker (m. ca. 1783), Mathias Berry (b. 1786) and Delilah Ricker, Turtle Creek. Kevin Berry UPDATED March 23/09



    I am looking for any information on FRANCES DELILAH BLEAKNEY / BLAKNEY / BLAKENEY born l852/3 in Albert County, New Brunswick .

    She married CHARLES H. ANDERSON, son of Charles Anderson and Nancy Smith. I have found lots of info on Charles' family , but cannot find anything on Frances' family. Hope you can help! Sincerely, T.Malbon

    From: Joan McLeod [mailto:mcleojoa@nb.sympatico.ca]

    malbon@shaw.ca  updated Feb. 15, 2009

    "NEWLY" Added June 21, 2010


    I am looking for any information on BLEAKNEY / BLAKNEY / BLAKENEY born  in Albert County, New Brunswick,  I would be happy to hear from them..

    Thank you! Bob Carlson bcarlson855@gmail.com added June 21, 2010

    BREWSTERS   Just for your info, I have done a lot of work on decendents of the Brewsters and all the intermarriages with Peck's, Calhoun's, Tingley's, etc. and a lot on the decendents of James Anderson (1761) and Hannah Bishop and a fair bit on the decendants of Thomas Kennie (married Elizabeth Bennett); a bit on the Osborne (which included some Butland's) and the Hoppers (decendents of Peter) - all Albert County families. Am always pleased to share info with anybody. Sharon Shadbolt

    My email is: Sharon Shadbolt (24/11/02)

    BRIGGS I am looking for information on John Amos Briggs. Died Dec20, 1917.  in New Brunswick. His son Edwin lived in Albert county. His wife was Lucy Bella Magee. I am looking for a death date for him as well as any other information. Thank-you Jean Saulnier (Briggs) 26/3/2001

    BRODIE    I I am tracing my Brodie ancestors in Canada.  My first Brodie was Edward who came from Scotland, and married Emily Davis in the early 1800's.  My great great grandfather was their son Colon Campbell Brodie born about 1835 in Bayside Westmorland County I believe. I found he and his brother Stuart Brodie in an Emigrant Settlement in 1865-1868.  He was called Campbell Brodie in the Hutchinson Directory.  This Emigrant Settlement, I have been told is now Melrose.  I am from USA so am not too
    familiar with Canada, though i am learning with my research. 

    My first question to you would be:
    1)How do I find out if my first Edward Brodie were naturalized and where would I search for records for him?  As well as a marriage record for he and Emily Davis?
    2) How would I find a birth record or certificate for Colon Campbell Brodie born approx 1835?
    3)What exactly was this Emigrant Settlement, and how can I find clues on why my ancestor was there?
    4)How do I find a birth certificate for Colon Campbells son Colon Campbell Brodie Jr. born 1866?

    I would appreciate any guidance you can be.  We have found my Colon Campbell Brodie Sr. in an 1861 census with wife Margaret and son William in Westmorland Co, Westmorland Parish.  We also found possible siblings of Colons living with Emily Davis Brodies brother and family in 1861 same place.  In 1851 census for Botsford Parish we found Emily  as Emily Braddie, living with two of her children. We also find other of her children living with her brother Stephen. Could you tell me where Botsford Parish is in relation to Westmorland Parish? 

    Thanks for any answers you may have for me.  Sincerely Barb Brodie Kineke

    My email is:  Barb Brodie Kinek  (24/11/02)

    BROWN. Searching for parents of Rufus Milledge Brown, b. 1809, d. 1882, married about 1836 Elizabeth Trites, b. 1811, d. 1851, parents of Elizabeth are Abraham Trites, b. 1780, d. 1836 & Susanna Christian Steeves, b. 1788, d. 1842 (Susanna parent's Christian Steeves, b. 1753, d. 1775 & Rosanna Trites, b. 1753, d. 1848).

    My email is: pwarren@nb.sympatico.ca (24/4/2000)

    BROWN.  Looking for info on Benjamin Brown, born approx 1811 in New Horton, Albert County, N.B. and who married Caroline Spencer and settled in New Yarmouth, Cumberland County, N.S.  Who were Benjamin's parents, siblings, etc.

    Also interested in the Terris family of Albert County.- Have a database of approx 5000 descendants of the original John Trerice (Terris).

    My email is:  Greg Brown  (24/4/2000)


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