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Surname Interests M 
Albert County


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  • NEW UPDATE NOV 3, 2014 Milton
    I am researching the Father of Florence, Edna Milton (nee McLeod) (09/Aug, 1882) born in Hillsborough. Her Father being (John Edward McLeod 1845-1909) born in Baddeck, Cape Breton and who married Martha Osborne (09/Oct/1862.) born in Hillsborough, NB. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My email address is: courtenayconnie@telus.net

    MaCUSPEY. I am looking for 2 names,

    1. Lucy Bella Magee, my father's paternal grandmother, who married John Amos Briggs

    2. Flora Belle MacCuspey, my father's mother who married John Oscar Briggs Jul 17, 1912

    Any info greatly appreciated...

    Donna's Email:  dmbri@shaw.ca (07/29/04)

    MAGEE, Mary Jane (Jennie) d.o.b. 28 Dec 1885 died 13 April 1963 married Oscar Marshall Grieve of Harvey NB Her parents believed to be James MAGEE and Ellen MCNAIR Any information greatly appreciated.
    My email is:
    Judi (17/4/2000)

    MAGEE, I am looking for 2 names,

    1. Lucy Bella Magee, my father's paternal grandmother, who married John Amos Briggs

    2. Flora Belle MacCuspey, my father's mother who married John Oscar Briggs Jul 17, 1912

    Any info greatly appreciated...

    Donna's Email:  dmbri@shaw.ca (07/29/04)

    "NEW" Posting April 9/09

    Matthews/Mathews/Mathis:   Pointe Wolfe, Albert, New Brunswick.

    I am researching the parents and origins of James Mathews and his brother John. James was my GG Grandfather. 
    In the 1851 Census, James States he was born " here."  In a petition for land, John in 1839 states he was from Harvey.  James in an 1844 Petition states he was from Harvey. James was born in 1806 and died in Pointe Wolfe 1885.  John was born in 1802 and died in 1851.  James married Elizabeth McFarland (e ) and John married Martha Grant.
    I have no documentation on either marriage nor any documentation on their parents - and that is my goal.

    Thanks - Phil Matthews
    PMatth9878@AOL.Com  Added April 9/09

    McALONEY I am doing research on any and all by the name of McAlonan, McAloney or similar spellings.  The name had various spellings in the early records, but most seemed to end up with the name McAloney.  They appear to have entered at St. John Port from Ireland and made their way thru New Brunswick to Nova Scotia.  Apparently there is a brook in Fundy National Park by the name of McAloney and some by that name remained in the area. Would appreciate receiving any information on these families. My thanks,
    My email is:
    Sandra Dunphy, Parrsboro, N.S., B0M 1S0 (08/07/1999)

    NEW as of Sept 28/09

    Captain Wesley McFee(born New Brunswick 1852)  who married Mary Mcauley born St Johns KB (1844)

    His father was Capt Thomas McFee born Donegal Ireland & he was married to Martha (born 1829) Hopewell, New Brunswick. They had 7 children,
    Wesley, Olivia & Martha. Frank, I don't know who the other three were.
    They were mostly at sea so very hard to track down.
    Kind regards Johanna Williams    added Sept 28 2009


    McKINLEY. My grandmother was a McKinley from Alma, Albert County. I have a report for descendants of James McKinley on my web page. My Albert County surnames are: McKinley, Matthews, Hueston, McManes, Kyle, McFarland.
    My email is: Bob King (7/6/2000)

    McKINLEY. My name is Audrey. I am trying to search for John and Rebecca McKinley, had a son Robert Rolston McKinley, married Mary Jane Elliott in 1903. Robert and Mary Jane are my husband's grandparents , I cannot find anything on a John McKinley. Anything would be appreciated to get me going on this, Thank you.
    My email is: audreyv@cogeco.ca

    “NEWLY POSTED” Jan. 16, 2010




    Manus McKinley born March 29, 1884 in Albert Co. NB

    He married Mary Jane Whalen Feb. 11, 1919 in ST Francis Xavier Church Sussex NB She was Born May 16, 1886.

    They had the following Children


    (i) Bennett McKinley

    (ii) Elizabeth Eileen McKinley (b) April 2, 1922 (d) Jan.   21, 1983

    (iii) Wilfred Donald McKinley (b) April 27, 1923 (m) Genevieve Butland.

    (iv) John Carson Minser McKinley, (b) Sept. 12, 1924 Albert Co. NB (d) April 13,1981

    (v)Agnes Loretta McKinley (b) May 16.1926


    Mary Jane McKinley wife of Manus died July 23, 1990 at the age of 104 years.

    Manus died August 20, 1972 in Albert CO.

    Any information about this family greatly appreciated.

    Aldene Hourihan-Gionet

    aldenehourihan@rogers.com posted Jan16, 2010




    "NEWLY UPDATED" Mar. 26/09

    MILLER, CAMERON, BERRY, STEEVES. These surnames are the basis of my research. I have been researching for about 10 years and have learned much about some of my ancestors. Others have created the proverbial brick wall. Need a Lookup – Can do on request – have plenty of Albert County/Westmorland County resources.    

    1. James Marriner Miller; - father, James Alexander Miller (son of George Andrew Miller), mother, Amanda McDowell (daughter of Elizabeth Steeves and William McDowell; granddaughter of Martin Steeves and Mary Smith); children Stanley Miller (d. about 1983), m. Martha Matthews, James Marriner Miller (died Jan 1919) Jordon Memorial Sanatorium, The Glades.  Surviving spouse, Bertha Cameron); Pearl (d. Jan 1919)  Moncton surviving spouse Percy Mitton), Ruby, Albert, Nelson, and Harry. 
     Bertha Cameron daughter of Frederick Karl Cameron (Fawett Mills, NB) and Mary Hayward (Quispamsis, NB) They had 12 children including Edith Cameron Moore who died April 2001 just after her 108th .
     Franklin Steeves, (son of Samuel Gilbert Steeves,  (son of Frederic Joseph Steeves & Elizabeth Stevens of Hillsborough Parish) and Elizabeth Lounsberry, daughter of Solomon Lounsbury & Naomi Bannister) of Howard Ave,Gunningsville, formerly  of Rosevale, NB d. Sept 26/1973 
     Clara Berry, daughter of Walter John Berry and Ida May Wilson, granddaughter of Solomon Berry -  Turtle Creek.

    I have a lot of information in my data base. Should you know anything about these families, I would really appreciate your help.

    My email is: mailto:cthains@shaw.ca Updated March 26/09

    "NEWLY UPDATED" Feb. 17, 2009

    MILTON. I have been researching the Milton family of New Brunswick for several years and have a lot of information on the families of John, Peter, Clark and other Miltons. I would be glad to share with anyone else looking for Albert Co. Miltons.
    My email is: Donna Jean Bruce Updated Feb. 17, 2009

    "NEWLY updated April 21/09

    MITTON- I am researching Mitton from Elgin approx 1850-1900. In particular William Ezra Mitton.1871 Elgin Cesus has him listed as a farm labourer living with the Beaman family. He married Matida Ayles in 1876 at Coverdale Parish.I cannot trace him back any further and Coverdale and Elgin may not exist today. 
    My email is:
    Gary R Mitton Ontario mailto:mitts@everus.ca NEW update Apr 21/09

    MITTON, AYLES, NICHOL. My Albert County interest is in the name Nichol from the Mary's Point area; Mittons from Little River and Ayles from the same area. Also am interested in the history of the village of Albert.
    My email is: Judi Berry Steeves


    MOORE – I am interested in the descendants of John  William Moore of the Royal Artillery who served between 1814 and 1831 at Halifax, Annapolis, and Fort Cumberland before retiring to Ireland.  His children remained in North America:  Thomas Benjamin (Apphia Robinson), John William (Ruxby Reed/Robinson), James, Joanna (Alexander Fraser), George (Amelia Cole), and Elizabeth (John Cleveland)

    My email is: Kevin Moore mailto:kevmoore49@shaw.ca updated March 27/09

    MORRISSEYI have MORRISSEY family traced from THOMAS & AMELIA c1860 in New Ireland, Albert, through THOMAS HARRISON MORRISSEY, current, Buncombe County, North Carolina, USA.
    My email is: timmorrissey@charter.net

    "NEWLY UPDATED" Feb. 2009

    MURRAY - Charles and Jane (?) Murray, (along with their son James, b.1821) emigrated from Ireland, in 1824 and settled on 100 acres, at New Ireland, Harvey Parish. There, they raised at least six children:- James, as mentioned; John, b.1826; William, b.1828, (married Susan McKay), later moved to Boston; Susan, b.1831, (married James Fleming),later moved to Ohio; Charles, b.1834; Andrew, b.1836. There is some un-proven evidence that a second daughter, Mary Jane, was b. 1840. James married Sarah Crabb and in the 1871 census, were the parents of 4 children and lived at Roxborough, Alma Parish, they later moved to Delaware, U.S.A.. Charles and later Andrew, went to Charlotte Co., N.B., where Charles married Margaret Crawford and later they moved to Sunbury Co. Andrew married Margaret Jane Wright and settled at New River, Charlotte Co.

    I can be contacted by e-mail at richardmurray@persona.ca or, 108 West Mary St., Picton, Ont., K0K 2T0. Updated Feb. 2009


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