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Bradbury Robinson


Bradbury Robinson was born on Jan 6 1746 in Exeter, Rockingham, NH, the son of Jonathan Robinson of MA and Mercy Chase of NH. The Robinson family came to America from Meppershall, County of Bedford, England in the mid 1600's. The first settler was killed by Indians in ambush while on the road leading from Hampton, N.H. to his home in Exeter. Bradbury Robinson, with his wife and young children, went with the loyalists to Nova Scotia (now New Brunswick) after the Revolutionary War. About 1782, Bradbury settled in 
Harvey, Albert Co., N.B. He is listed in the 1803 Westmorland County census with a wife and 5 children over ten. The History of Harvey Parish (Busy East, 1923) lists him as one of the first English settlers in Harvey and notes that he and his wife were strong factors in the early religious growth of that area. He died on Jan 19 1822 in New Horton, Albert Co., and was buried in Bayview Cemetery, Harvey.  The gravestone reads: Bradbrey Robinson, died 19 Jan 1822, age 75.  
An article in The Maple Leaf dated June 14, 1900 reads: The Hopewell Hill correspondent was recently 
given a walking stick that is somewhat of a relic being one made and used by Bradbury Robinson, 1st, who settled in Harvey about the year 1782 and who was the first of the Robinson family in this country. The stick is in the vicinity of 100 years old. To illustrate the genealogical tree, it may be stated that the descendants of the old gentleman who owned the walking stick, there are now living in this parish, 
grandsons (of whom one is Lt. Gov. McClelan), great grandsons, great great grandsons, great great great grandsons, great great great great grandsons. Now that's a great lot. 
He was married to Mary Clark in 1770 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH.  Mary Clark was born on May 7 
 1750 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH, the daughter of Paul Clark.  She died on Jan 4 1844 in New Horton, Albert Co. and was buried in the old New Horton Cemetery and moved to Bayview Cemetery about 1905. The gravestone reads: Mary Clark, died 4 Jan 1844, age 94, relic of Bradbury Robinson. Bradbury and Mary had 13 children. The first grist mill at Harvey was owned by his son, Paul Robinson. Prior to that grain had to be taken to Dorchester, a dangerous trip whether by land or by water. 
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