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William Alden Balser b.Jul.11, 1811 Wilmot, Annapolis Co., NS, migrated to Lower Coverdale area of Albert Co., NB, m.Nov.5,1834 to Margaret Crossman, raised his family and died in 1894 Lower Coverdale, Albert Co., NB and buried at the Wilmot Memorial Cemetery.  He has many descendants in the Albert Co. and Westmoreland Co. areas. He was a farmer and a Baptist according to the Coverdale, Albert Co., NB census records.


He is the son of Foster Baltzer and Lydia Bass and a descendant of Johannes Christoph Baltzer. Johannes was a Foreign Protestant from Northern Germany; he was a butcher in Rosenthal and then Marburg. He left Rotterdam on the ship "Sally” in 1752 with his family.  The ship went from Halifax to Lunenburg where they settled.  Johannes’ sons, eventually settled in the Annapolis Valley, NS.


 I have researched this family and have information on William Alden Balser’s  ancestors and descendants and am willing to share the information with anyone interested in the name.

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The name Berry is one of the oldest names in recorded history.  The original name was de Bury, meaning hill people.  They came from the Province of Berry in France.


There were fifty seven de Burys who assisted William the Conqueror against King Harold of England during the Norman Conquest in 1066.  To distinguish them from the others who aided from France, they were given the name Berry after the Province from whence they came.


After the conquests, estates were granted by William the Conqueror to those who assisted him.  Some settled in England and some returned to France.


In 1689 Berry families were located in Bedford and Norfold, England, and in 1848 in Ireland.  The first reference to the name in North America was a William Berry who settled, with his family, in the English colony of Watertown, Mass. in 1658.


Thomas Berry was born in Yorkshire. When he was discharged from the 38th Regiment, he was granted land in North America.  His first grant was in Coverdale, New Brunswick. He asked for and received a second grant in Turtle Creek, but he found the ground was stoney. Then he received his third grant in the Parish of Coverdale near where the Golf Course in now located in Riverview.  By the year 1809 he had married Rebecca Ricker and had ten children.


Thomas' son Edward called "Ned" left his father’s farm with all of his worldly possessions in a pack on his back, walked several miles through the woods where he built himself a small log cabin and began clearing land on the area which is named "Berryton" in his honour.  He married Elizabeth Price and had a family of eight children, five of which died as small children.


Thomas' son Matthias born in 1786, settled in Turtle Creek on a lot next to Thomas Price.  Matthias married Delilah Ricker, daughter of Jacob Ricker; they had fourteen children.


Solomon, Matthias' son married Hannah Smith Steeves; they had nine children; one boy who died in infancy, Merrit. Hannah died in 1864 at the age of 35 years.  Solomon then married Mary Jonah and they had five children.  The Berry Plants are still growing and scattered far and wide from Nova Scotia to B.C.


Extracts from the compilation of information by Nancy Linkletter.

Submitted by Walter Leaman; contact: sshadbolt@rogers.com








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