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                                LEEMAN, LEAMAN, LEEMING


Robert Leeming of Gammersgill, Yorkshire England was married to Dorothy Render and had six children.  Robert (age 51) left England with his son Robert Jr. (age 17) and came to Canada aboard the Ship Albion.  The ship left Hull, England on March 14, 1774 carrying 184 passengers and 9 crew.  A 150 ton ship designed for only 75 passengers, arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 6, 1774. It would seem that the two Leeming men were unaccompanied but there is reason to believe that they were two of a party of five with Joshua Gildart and others.


Robert Sr & Jr settled on the Coverdale River (so named because Robert lived on the Coverdale River in Gammersgill, England) at Five Points.  Building his log cabin on the Colpitts Settlement Rd. near the third driveway on the left by a small brook, where the remains of several mills can be seen.  His original grant was for 300 acres, extending from the river east, which included the Five Points Baptist Church property and the Cemetery property.  There is a home still on the property built in 1847 by John Leeman and is a heritage home.


Robert Jr. married Ann in 1780 and had 12 children

    Simon lived at home.

    James settled in Coverdale on lands where Riverview started.

    Robert 111 lived near Leaman Hill, Old Fredericton Road.

    Isabella stayed in the Coverdale area.

    Thomas settled in Nixon Settlement.

    Ann lived in the Parish of Hillsborough.

    Elizabeth stayed in the Coverdale area.

    Daughter (Mrs James Day) stayed in the Coverdale Area.

    William settled in Nixon Settlement.

    Mary lived in the Parish of Moncton.

    Jane moved to Pollett River near the Glades.

    John inherited the property at Five Points.


Today we have Leemans and Leamans, all related, and each holding on to the spelling of their name.  In my case my Grandfather was Rufus Leeman; my father was John Leaman.


From their small beginnings the Leamans now are from Halifax, to B.C. and from Mass. to California all related.


There are many Leemings in Ontario (original spelling) but even by DNA testing we have not as yet determined any connection to our line, yet they too have descended from Yorkshire ancestors. 


Submitted by Walter Leaman; contact: sshadbolt@rogers.com







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