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Nathan Kinne was born on Mar 20 1727 in Preston, Connecticut, the youngest son of 16 children. He was married to Elizabeth Tubbs on Feb 27 1749 in Voluntown (Preston), Connecticut. Nathan was a farmer. Nathan's father, Thomas, a weaver and a yeoman, held extensive lands in Hebron, Hartford Co., Connecticut and during his first year of marriage he leased land from his father; then tried buying parcels of his own. Finally, he sold off all his lands about 1758 and moved his family to Horton Township, Nova Scotia where good lands were plentiful. He lived for some years in Horton before moving across the Bay to what became New Horton in Albert County, bringing some of his seven children with him.
The Kennies are descended from Sir Robert Keney, knighted by Queen Elizabeth I for "the gifte of ships to the Admiral of the Navy, Sir Humphrey Davey." His son Thomas, a baronet, was a merchant and trader and reported to have been Mayor of Kings Lynn. His son, John Keney, was born about 1602 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England and immigrated in 1624 to Leyden, Holland with the Puritans to escape religious persecution. John’s son Henry was born while in Holland and Henry left for Boston on the ship, Elizabeth and Ann, which sailed from London on April 29 1635, having left Holland in May of 1634. He travelled with Vincent Potter, presumably a relative or close friend, since he was only in his 11th year when he left Holland and was barely 12 when he arrived in New England. For a time he served as an apprentice to William Park, who settled in Roxbury, Ma. Henry came to Salem, Ma about 1648. He was a very religious man and officiated at church services. He was a soldier under Major Sedgwick about 1654 at the taking of St. John from the French. He was at the capture of Fort Narragansett with Capt. George Curwin's company on Dec. 3, 1673 and drew pay Jan. 24, 1676 for military service. He and his son Thomas were both at Mt. Hope during King Phillip's War. The family farmed the land near Salem, Massachusetts for two more gene rations, one branch even being involved in the infamous witch trials, until his great grandson Nathan, having difficulty obtaining good arable land, decided to accept the invitation of Governor Charles Lawrence and move to Nova Scotia in 1761. 
Thanks to Sharon Shadbolt who is a Kennie descendant and has fairly extensive notes on them.  For more information, contact:  sshadbolt@rogers.com

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