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Stevens Cemetery 1803-1836
Stevens Cemetery1803-1836.jpg
submitted by: Charlotte Vardy




Nehemiah Stevens was born on Mar 5 1751 in Hardwick, Worcester, MA, the son of Thomas Stevens and Elizabeth Perkins, both born Massachusetts. Nehemiah came with his parents and 3 siblings in 1761 to 
settle in Onslow, NS, the family later moving on to Horton, NS. He brought his own family across the bay in 1784 to settle on a farm in Hopewell Township. Nehemiah died in Aug 1822 in Hopewell, Albert Co., N.B. but was buried in Lot 160 the Old Cemetery, Wolfville, N.S. (according to Davison, James, 1991, in “What Say These Stones.”  

He married 17 October, 1771, Rebecca Dickson Anderson, born 1759 in Connecticut, the daughter of James Anderson and Rebecca Dickson. James came from Montville, CT to Horton Township and later to Hopewell. His wife was born in Horton, the daughter of parents who had also lived in Connecticut. Rebecca died 14 November, 1812 at Hopewell, NB "in the 54th year of her age" and is buried in the Stevens Cemetery, at the top of Smith Hill, on the road from Albert to Harvey Corner in Albert County.  It is strange that she was buried in Albert County, NB and her husband would be buried in Horton, Nova Scotia.


 In his will, dated 23 October, 1817, it names no wife, mentions 7 daughter “now living,” and sons Thomas, Nehemiah, James and Hiram, and Lemuel Wright, the son of his deceased daughter Lucy.
 In the 1803 Nova Scotia census (Westmorland County) Nehemiah Stevens is listed with a wife, 6 children over ten and 3 children under ten. Before his death, he and his wife would have 12 children, 4 boys and 8 girls, who married into various other Albert County Families. 

James Anderson was baptised on Jul 1 1727 in Montville, New London, CT, the son of John Anderson and Margaret Dixson, both from Ireland. 

John Anderson was a Scots-Irish, descended from lowland Presbyterians who had moved out of their ancient homeland after 1607 in response to English inducement to colonize Ireland and obtain cheap farmlands. For more than a century they built up profitable a linen and woolen industry until forbidden by law to sell to any other than the English and suffering religious persecution from Anglican conformists, they moved to America.  John settled in the New London area of Connecticut and shortly thereafter, married Margaret Dixson, also from Ireland.



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