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Frank L. Geldart
Submitted by: Lawrence (Larry) Hughes

Frank L Geldart in his blacksmith shop about 1937.
It was at the lower corner on the Harvey road.
The land was behind the current old BNS /Bank of NB building. The land was left to Lawrence Hughes by his Grandmother, and then was sold to Mary Majka. Lawrence believes that the building had to be farther back from the road than the old Butland store property allowed.

J. Everett Fullerton & Frank L. Geldart
j everett fullerton andf rank geldart. jpg
Submitted by: Lawrence (Larry) Hughes

Photograph taken prior to a Masonic Service,
Hillsborough, AC NB, August 1941.
Left: J Everett Fullerton (1868-1957)
the local undertaker.
Right: Frank Leopold Geldart (1885-1942)
the local blacksmith
Riverside Albert, AC NB
Frank L. & Greta Geldart
Frank & Greta Geldart .jpg
Submitted by: Lawrence (Larry) Hughes
Frank and Greta Geldart
about 1941. 
Greta Horsman she was from Elgin AC NB
This was Frank's second marriage.
Frank Leopold Geldart
born 21 Feb. 1885?
Seems his birth should be 1885, as per the 1891
census and the 1901 census, and his NB Marriage c
ertificate, as he was 36 when he married Greta Horsman
in August of 1921. on his tombstone reads 1886.
Adelbert (Bert) Geldart
bert geldart .jpg
Submitted by; Lawrence (Larry) Hughes
Adelbert (Bert) Geldart
 Died May 17, 1937 
son of
Frank Geldart & Bernice Copp
Adelbert is one of 3 children
from his fathers first marriage
Bernice Copp
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